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Step by step to your desired weight

You want to look good and feel comfortable in your body. You want to finally get rid of the last flabs or even lose some more weight? Then the LR LIFETAKT Body Mission is a good way to reach your desired weight and gain new selfconfidence.

Your Body Mission supports you in three ways

Meal substitutes:

Figu Active makes it easy to replace two out of three meals a day.

The shakes, soups, flakes and bars are quickly prepared.

Diet companions:

Your diet companions support you in your diet, supply you with nutrients and promote muscle  development.

Weight-loss coach

Get exclusive online access to your personal weight loss coach with weekly plans, delicious recipes, weight tracking, community, fitness videos and much more.

Success Storys - We made it!

Cornelia: My Body Mission - my success!

With the Body Mission I got rid of the annoying over weight from winter time! Especially the shakes tasted that good that it was easy for me to stick to the diet - and the bars were particularly convenient on vacation ... Overall, I feel much better now!

Pia: Mission accomplished! – Feel Good. Look Better.

I eat and live much more consciously than at the beginning of the LR Body Mission. Some pieces of clothing that had been a little too tight just a few days before now fit much better. I can now wear some of my favourite clothes from the past again and feel really well.

Corinna: I have wanted to lose weight for a long time, in order to finally feel great

My clothes fit much better again and I can wear items that had previously been too tight. I am completely satisfied with my overall result.